The Backbone Of Humanity

Once in a while, we need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman or maybe a preacher but we need a farmer three times a day! Framers are the backbone of humanity and play a very important role in Indian society. Farmers are the driving force of the economy. That’s why; a major sum of our population is directly or indirectly involved in it. Furthermore, every citizen of the country is dependent on the agriculture products produced by them. In India 23 rd December is celebrated as Farmer`s Day. Luckily this year on Farmer`s Day I was in Burhanpur which has abundant sugarcane, cotton, wheat, and barley farms. So I decided to go to a farm and meet a farmer and wish him Happy Farmer`s Day and thank him on behalf of all farmers for there immense hard work and struggle they face simply to give us the food we need to survive.

I took a selfie with the farmers! The Real Superheros

The farmer whose name was Anand welcomed me with a big smile, shook hands and allowed me to click some pictures of his farm. As I was talking about his life I learned so many things. He told me when he was younger he was a wedding photographer but he couldn`t generate a decent income so he joined and helped his father farming his field and since he is a farmer. He also told me they were so many struggles.

Recently their cotton crop dried and they suffered a lot of loss and their current condition is so bad they barely can afford a meal two times a day. They cannot afford a proper education for there children or even proper clothes. Anand told me he`s house was broken and didn`t have enough money to fix it. His aunt was sick and he couldn`t afford to treat her with her illness.

Anand and his house

But after all his hardships he was happy and proud to be a farmer and he treated me so well he was so kind that he gifted me sugarcane freshly grown in his farm and told his family members to pose for me while I was taking pictures.

While leaving the farm and walking on my way back home I thought how are in an air-conditioned house and working in an air-conditioned office and are sad and don't stay content despite how easy our life is. We should be happier and also thank and help the people our real superheroes - our amazing farmers. In the end, I wish all the farmers a Happy Farmers Day.

All pictures were shot on my amazing Huawei P30.

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