Mumbai Meri Jaan

People often say that Mumbai is the city of dreams. It is a city that never sleeps. But today is a day that will be recorded in the history of Mumbai. It's been a month since the economic capital of India is been in a complete lockdown. Usually, a person far from his city misses it when traveling or is far from his home. But today 1.8 crore Mumbaikars are major missing their city, their home, they miss their daily Mumbai local their spicy vada pav, the sea breeze, and marine drive and much more. It's been 30 long days since we haven't seen our city, our home and just thinking and wishing all will get fine soon and life will be back to normal. So I wanted to create something that could relive our old moments and think and reflect on ourselves. Do we want our city back? COVID-19 Cases are rising day by day in the city which is famous for its everyday hustle-bustle and its a never-ending tussle. In a city where we find peace in chaos is now silent. So if we want our old amazing Mumbai back and if we want to relive the moments back shown in the video above I urge you to please stay home and safe. And help control the spread of this deadly virus. Thank you hope to enjoy this nostalgic memory. I hope you will love this and do share this with all the Mumbaikars who love Mumbai and with whom you want to relive the daily Mumbai life moments back.

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