B For Banaras B For BANGANGA.

Mumbai the city of dreams is much a city of contrats; a city where modish cars jostle with taxis and autorickshaws, and where white-collared professionals rub shoulders with the famous Dabbawalas on the local trains, and heritage buildings cling on for space and relevance amid the vast expanding sea of modern skyscrapers. Here lies the often called the Mini- Banaras of Mumbai, Banganga or Banganga Tank. It is a freshwater tank, built in AD 1127 by Lakshman Prabhu,a minister in the court of Silhara dynasty kings of Thane.

The Steps Of Banganga

Banganga is the oldest continually inhabited place in Mumbai and is tucked in Mumbai’s wealthiest neighborhood which is one of the city’s oldest and most sacred sites: a temple complex believed to house the waters of the Ganges.

Children Playing In The Banganga Water tank.

The tank today is a rectangular pool structure surrounded by steps on all four sides. At the entrance are two pillars in which diyas (oil lamps) were lit in ancient times. The tank, as well as the main Walkeshwar Temple and the Parshuram Temple belong to the Goud Saraswat Temple Trust.The tank is spring fed,thus, it's water remains sweet, despite being located only a few dozen meters away from the sea. Apart from being a cultural hub, the place over the years has provided inspiration to many artists, be it on film or on canvas.

The Walkeshwar Temple

Best time to visit: The calming beauty of Banganga is best enjoyed during the early hours of morning when the sun isn’t too harsh and a gentle breeze keeps the surroundings cool.

What are the closest stations to Banganga?

The closest stations to Banganga are:

The closest railway station to Banganga is Charni Road (about 3-5 km away) from where you can easily find a taxi or a bus.

Which Bus lines stop near Banganga?

Bus number 57, 67 ans 80 stop near Banganga.

Which Train lines stop near Banganga?

You can use the western line to reach Banganga.

The Wonderful Company During My Visit To Banganga.

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